Do you find yourself throwing leftovers away or lacking imaginative ways to reinvent the same ingredients? If so, this is the perfect time take out your pie iron*! Below is a list of some yummy vegan combinations.

  • Roasted butternut & spinach
  • Vegan savoury mince
  • Vegan chicken mayonnaise
  • Tomato, vegan cheese and chutney
  • Baked beans with vegan cheese
  • Fried mushrooms & onions
  • Aubergine (brinjal), mushrooms and vegan mozzarella
  • Spinach, mushrooms and vegan feta
  • Jackfruit confit
  • Any leftovers in the fridge!

*A pie iron is also known as a pudgy pie iron, a sandwich toaster, a jaffle iron, or a toastie iron.

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