The Roundhill Pub in Brighton, England, beat all the non-vegan entries to take home top honours in the BRAVO awards for the best roast in town.

These awards are generally considered the most prestigious awards of the year for all the eateries in Brighton.

Vegan Food UK initially reported the news.  Husband and wife team Liam and Janine Day founded the organisation, which also has a YouTube channel. They made a video (below) about the Roundhill’s massive win.


“If you live in Brighton, you know how much of a big deal the BRAVO awards are,” said Liam Day. “It’s a huge organisation and it’s a huge award. And we are ecstatic that it’s gone to a vegan establishment.”

His wife, Janine, added: “Another thing to mention about this pub is that all the alcohol here is vegan. It’s a 100 percent plant-based pub so you can come here and have a nice drink or evening out and know that everything including the drinks is going to be vegan.”

The vegan roasts on offer include nut roast, Mediterranean filo pastry, and minted seitan lamb, all served with a range of traditional trimmings, including garlic-roast potatoes and maple-glazed parsnips.

Speaking about the win, Max Aben, owner of The Roundhil Pub said: “We are so incredibly honoured to have won this prestigious BRAVO. For a plant-based roast to have come top in Brighton is something we are all incredibly proud of.”

“We would like to thank our fantastic team for continuing to push the boundaries of plant-based dining and to all of our lovely customers who have eaten with us over the year.”

Original source: https://plantbasednews.org