A dating website survey has revealed that vegans have more sex than meat-eaters and are much more likely to experiment in the bedroom! 

Dating website IllicitEncounters.com found over half of the vegans asked claimed they have sex four times a week, while only half of meat-eaters reported having sex twice in the same time period.

The research found two-thirds of vegans were prepared to experiment in the bedroom, while over half of the meat-eaters surveyed admitted they were less adventurous between the sheets, reports the Mirror.

IllicitEncounters.com found over half of the vegans asked said they have sex four times a week. The survey also suggested that vegans have a better time in the bedroom with 84 per cent saying they’re satisfied with their sex life compared with a measly 59 per cent of those with a meat-based diet. Meanwhile, 35 per cent of those on a meat-based diet describe themselves as ‘givers’, compared to 58 per cent of vegans.

Spokeswoman Jessica Leoni said: ‘Vegans are masters of seduction it would appear. Our statistics don’t lie and vegans eat foods known for their aphrodisiac qualities such as ginseng and aniseed.’

Famous vegan celebrities include Pamela Anderson, Ellie Goulding, Sir Paul McCartney, Joaquin Phoenix and Thandie Newton.

Last year a medical experiment suggested that men who have a vegan diet may be better lovers, and that just one meat-free meal could improve their performance in the bedroom. Netflix documentary, The Game Changers includes an experiment led by US urologist Dr Aaron Spitz, which measured the virility of three male athletes after different meals. The men were given burritos containing grass-fed beef, organic chicken or organic pork on one night, then a plant-based replacement burrito containing soy and pea protein the following night. The programme stopped short of seeing how well men performed with their partners, but instead looked at their activity as they slept. After a meat-free meal, the men’s night-time sexual arousal lasted three to four times longer through the night.

Original source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk