Lizzo is one of a number of celebrities to have publicly endorsed veganism in recent years, saying that going vegan makes her feel better and helps her to love her body.

Lizzo hails from the US, and shot to fame in 2019 after the release of her third studio album Cuz I Love You, which reached number four on the Billboard Charts. Since then, she has become a hugely popular and much-loved singer, songwriter, and musician.

The About Damn Time singer regularly espouses the joys of a plant-based diet on her 13 million Instagram followers.

Is Lizzo vegan?

Lizzo has confirmed on multiple occasions that she follows a plant-based diet.

In October 2020, she shared a TikTok marking six months since giving up animal products. One video showed her mixing a dairy milkshake before going plant-based, while the second depicted her making a plant-based protein shake. Alongside the video, she wrote: “Honestly, I am both of these women and I can not condemn one woman or the other. I’m happy both ways and right now, this is what’s bringing me joy.

“This was me at the beginning of quarantine. Happy, loving myself, dancing and you know what? I’m still that happy girl, loving myself and loving my body.” She added: “Love yourself at all stages in your life because you are who you are.”

Lizzo has regularly promoted plant-based foods on her social media. She previously shared a video depicting what she eats in a day, which included a green smoothies, kale salad, mushroom balls, and vegan Cheeto alternatives.

What has Lizzo said about veganism?

In an interview with Vanity Fair in October 2022, Lizzo opened up about being trolled by people who didn’t believe she was plant-based because of her weight.

“People were like, ‘you’re a vegan? What, are you deep frying the lettuce?’” she said. “I’m not a vegan to lose weight, I just feel better when I eat plants. I feel very lucky because I don’t feel that weight gain is bad anymore. Nor is weight loss – it’s neutral. And food is fun. I love eating, and I have a chef now, and I’m not thinking about it. I had a brownie last night.”

She continued: “Is my music and my weight so intrinsically connected that if I were to lose weight, I’d lose fans or lose validity? I don’t care! I lead a very healthy lifestyle – mentally, spiritually, I try to keep everything I put in my body super clean.”

Original source: https://plantbasednews.org