Finneas O’Connell, brother to pop singer Billie Eilish, took to Instagram to promote a relief campaign to get vegan food to those made vulnerable by COVID-19.

Celebrity singer-songwriter Finneas O’Connell – brother to pop sensation Billie Eilish – has told his 2.5 million Instagram followers that being vegan is ‘criminally easy’.

The star made the comment whilst promoting the Plant-Based Party – a virtual event created to help feed the vulnerable amid the coronavirus pandemic – spearheaded by his mom Maggie Baird.

‘You have no excuse’

“I just wanted to talk for a second about the plant-based party going on over the weekend,” O’Connell said.

“I wanna shout out Support + Feed; I want to shout out Monty’s [Good Burger] for making this custom blueberry pie milkshake. I’m gonna try it right now…

“It’s so good, it’s honestly like so criminally easy to be vegan right now you have no excuse not to.”

Support + Feed

O’Connell frequently raises awareness of his mother’s initiative Support + Feed – and helped deliver vegan food to a women’s centre and hospital in Los Angeles to celebrate Mother’s Day.

On Instagram, Baird said: “We had an incredible mother’s day today. The whole family and some of our core Support + Feed team [made] deliveries today to honour mothers and nurses for nurse appreciation week!”

“First to the downtown women’s centre and then to the staff at MLK hospital. Thank you to everyone donating to Support + Feed who makes this possible! You made a difference today!”

Original source: https://www.plantbasednews.org