An Italian animal sanctuary, Sfattoria degli Ultimi, has cause to celebrate as court rules in favour of saving pigs lives.

In Defense of Animals celebrates the decision of a Roman court to spare over 100 healthy, rescued pigs and urban boars at Sfattoria degli Ultimi, an Italian animal sanctuary. The victory follows a ruling by the regional court, TAR Lazio, after local health officials proposed slaughtering them to stop the spread of African swine fever in the region.

On October 10, the court accepted the appeal of not only over 16,000 In Defense of Animals supporters, but animal allies worldwide, deeming the proposed slaughter illegitimate. Thankfully, the pleas for justice were heard and over 100 sentient, intelligent animals will be able to live the enriching, natural lives they deserve with the caretakers who have provided them with a safe and peaceful haven.

In early August, local health officials with ASL Roma 1 ordered the slaughter of the porcine residents at Sfattoria degli Ultimi to curb the spread of African swine fever in the area, despite the fact that all the animals are registered with the proper health authorities and easily identifiable with microchips that prove they will never be forced into the food production system. This legally spared them from the slaughter proposed by health officials. Italian news sources reported that TAR Lazio acknowledged local health officials with ASL Roma 1 should have recognized the inherent exemption from the deadly disease control measures as Sfattoria degli Ultimi is a “shelter for animals in difficulty,” not a factory farm, and should have considered the “high cultural or educational value pursuant to article 13 of the EU delegated regulation 2020/687.”

The ruling is a resounding triumph and a testament to the compassion and kindness that all animals inherently deserve. The caretakers and guardians of the animals at Sfattoria degli Ultimi are rejoicing, knowing that their compassion and tireless, selfless care has saved the lives of so many beloved animals who will never know cruelty again.

The sanctuary’s facilities are in compliance with biosecurity rules to prevent the spread of disease and the shelter’s residents are kept in fenced areas to avoid transmittable contagion. Sfattoria degli Ultimi is located in the Roman countryside and provides residents with over three miles of gardens and two large stables where they will now be able to enjoy long, healthy lives.

The pigs and boar at Sfattoria degli Ultimi live in this wonderful sanctuary after finding refuge from mistreatment and hardship in Rome. You can directly make a difference in the lives of other pigs, just like those who live at Sfattoria degli Ultimi, by choosing to leave animals off your plate.

Original source: https://www.all-creatures.org