Climate Healers will be helping launch “America Goes Vegan” by Glen Merzer live on Monday, July 3 at 11am PST on their Facebook and Youtube channels.

From a systems engineering perspective, there are very effective solutions to the numerous environmental crises that we face. These solutions all begin with humans becoming respectful of nature and not viewing nature as just a basket of resources to be exploited. According to the Stockholm Resilience Center, there are 9 major environmental systems that support life on Earth and humans have caused five of them to be overstepped beyond their safe limits, mainly due to this exploitative view of nature.

As Gerard Bisshop points out in his recent discussion with the Million Vegan Grandmothers, if we overstep any one of those planetary boundaries, it endangers all life on Earth. Having overstepped five of these boundaries, not just one, humans are now in a very perilous position on planet Earth, staring at the very real possibility of near-term extinction of our own species, not just of the 100 odd species that we routinely extinguish every single day, mainly by burning down their habitats for more burgers and milkshakes.

Of these five planetary boundaries, the mainstream scientific community readily acknowledges that animal agriculture is the leading cause of our overstepping four of them: biodiversity loss, nitrogen cycling, phosphorus cycling and land use change. It is only in the fifth planetary boundary that we have overstepped by about 20%: carbon cycling or climate change, that there is a dispute. The mainstream scientific community is claiming that animal agriculture is NOT the leading cause and that fossil fuel burning is the leading cause, while we at Climate Healers, claim the opposite.

Even if this mainstream scientific assertion were true about climate change, in a rational world of thoughtful, responsible governments, we would have eliminated animal agriculture and become Vitally Engaged Guardians of Animals and Nature (V.E.G.A.N), transforming ourselves into Homo Ahimsa thirty years ago, simply to address the four planetary boundaries that animal agriculture has already been acknowledged to be the leading cause of our overstepping them. In such a rational world, America Goes V.E.G.A.N. would not be a News Flash in 2023. It would have been old news from three decades ago.

The Climate Healers position paper claims that the mainstream scientific assertion on climate change also rests on deceptive UN greenhouse gas accounting conventions and that the underlying data already shows that animal agriculture is the leading cause of climate change as well. Therefore, all FIVE planetary boundaries that humans have overstepped are screaming at us to eliminate animal agriculture as soon as possible, not just FOUR of them.

Unfortunately, governments and especially the U. S. Government, aided and abetted by American mainstream media, have been blind to these facts over the past three decades, ever since the elder President Bush declared at the UN Rio summit in 1992 that “the American way of life is not negotiable”. The U.S. and the Vatican are the only two nations in the world NOT to sign the UN Convention on Biological Diversity, meaning that these two governments reserved the right to extinguish all life on earth.

And now the American people have come to the rescue. Our dear friend, Glen Merzer has written an amazing book called, “America Goes VEGAN,” with a blueprint for how ordinary Americans can transition their comfort foods into whole-foods, plant-based healthy vegan versions. He is ably assisted by the culinary magician, Tracy Childs, who has worked out delicious recipes for this comfort food transition. Would you like to have a burger and fries, topped off with a milkshake? Yes, you can have that made easy, healthy, tasty and Vegan.

The reception has already been astounding! One of our Million Vegan Grandmothers, Liz Gary, who made Tracy’s burger, fries and chocolate milk shake in the picture above, reports that registration has been bursting at the seams at her upcoming Public Library Vegan Cooking 101 classes. In a survey conducted by Jane DeMarines of Sustainable Earth Eating, 84% of Americans expressed willingness to change their diets to reduce animal agriculture’s massive impact on rainforest destruction, water and land use, species extinction and climate change.

This brilliant book presents the startling facts about the foods we eat, how they affect our health, and what they are doing to our planet, and it then shows us what to do to change things in the most delicious possible way. The nutrition information is solid, and every recipe is tantalizing and mouthwatering – and yet as familiar as a burger and pumpkin pie.

Climate Healers will be helping launch “America Goes Vegan” live on Monday, July 3 at 11am PST on our Facebook and Youtube channels. Please join us and help celebrate a whole new birthing of a healthy nation, conceived in liberty, with justice for all, including the children of all species. The time is ripe for this birthing as even President Biden offered a Vegan menu at the White House dinner hosting Prime Minister Modi of India. As Winston Churchill once observed, “You can always count on Americans to do the right thing – after they have tried everything else.”