Chickens are amazing animals that are sadly exploited and abused by the animal agriculture industry.

1. Chickens can recognize over 100 different faces!

2. Hens talk to their chicks even before they hatch! The mother cackles to them, and they chirp back to her from the egg.

3. Hens are remarkably devoted mothers. They will protect their chicks at any cost, and tuck them under her wings at night to sleep.

4. In nature, chickens can fly and love to sleep in trees!

5. Contrary to popular opinion, chickens are very intelligent animals. They have amazing problem solving abilities, excellent memories, and can even correctly solve math exercises!

In the egg industry, hens don’t get to spread their wings. They don’t get to get to incubate the eggs they laboriously laid, or raise their babies. They will never do all the things that they would do naturally – feel the earth under their feet, see the sky or take a sand bath.

This breaks our hearts, and we wish all chickens could live freely and as happily as they are at Freedom Farm Sanctuary.

Original source: https://www.facebook.com