Consuming dairy has been linked by scientific research to a number of health problems, including chronic diabetes.

Have you noticed that of all the sectors in the animal agriculture industry, it is the dairy sector that is the darling of all governments? The dairy sector is propped up by subsidies even when it is clearly failing in capitalist economies. Governments actively promote dairy consumption in schools, even to children who are known to be lactose intolerant or rather, lactose normal, even in countries that are known to be majority lactose intolerant or rather, lactose normal.

That’s like forcing kids who are allergic to peanuts to consume peanuts. But why would we do that? What makes dairy so special?

The dairy sector is marketing the lactation secretions of a mammal mother that is five times our size. Her milk is intended to grow her baby calf into a great big cow in 18 months. Humans don’t need to grow that fast. Indeed, human babies reach their adult size in 18 years, not 18 months. Is it any wonder that the consumption of dairy causes inflammation and various types of cancer in humans?

Dairy milk contains the protein, casein, which the eminent scientist and Professor of nutritional biochemistry, Dr. T Colin Campbell, has labeled to be the most relevant chemical carcinogen ever identified.

Dairy milk contains cholesterol and saturated fats that are known to cause plaque build up in our blood vessels, leading to heart disease. The saturated fats also gum up our muscle cells leading to insulin resistance and diabetes.

Dairy milk contains ZERO fiber, an essential macronutrient for human well being. Fiber deficiency is associated with diabetes, heart disease, constipation, hemorrhoids, bowel cancer, breast cancer, irritable bowel syndrome and obesity.

Dairy milk contains concentrated doses of fat-soluble environmental toxins such as dioxins and pesticides due to bio-accumulation.

Dairy milk contains somatic cells, which in a cow with mastitis, will most likely be pus cells. At any given time, nearly one-third of the cows in the dairy sector suffer from mastitis, on average. The dairy sector can sell milk that contains up to 400 million pus cells in a liter of milk. Therefore you can expect that every single liter of milk contains tens of millions of pus cells, since milk from a lot of cows get mixed up before it is sold. By any stretch of the imagination, that is yuck!

Given all these harmful characteristics of dairy, why are our governments so hell bent on making us consume it? Well, because when people consume dairy products, they are paying for the upkeep of the mother cow on a daily basis, which makes beef and leather cheap when she is slaughtered after her dairy usefulness. Without the dairy sector, fast food hamburgers would cost as much as steaks and leather shoes would cost as much as alligator shoes.

Without the dairy sector, India would not be the diabetes capital of the world and America would not be a cash cow for the pharmaceutical industry. There are trillions of dollars at stake, which is why governments are complicit in the industry’s gaslighting to make people believe that dairy milk is the “perfect food” for humans.

Original source: https://climatehealers.org

How the dairy industry hurts the planet, the animals and us