The documentary will showcase the horror of Brazilian live-animal export. Brazil is the world’s biggest distributor of meat products.

Mercy For Animals teamed up with Brazilian actress and animal advocate Luísa Mell to release a ‘mind-blowing’ documentary that shows the true horrors of live animal export in Brazil.

“Every year,” says animal rights activist Mell. “11 million animals worldwide are confined in ships for weeks and travel long distances only to be killed in other countries.” These animals are forced to travel long distances for hours of stress and discomfort, often without food, water, or breaks. These poor animals are abused, and numerous investigations have found the heartbreaking physical abuse that workers put these prisoners for profit through.


These animals are often transported to countries in the Middle East like Turkey, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Morocco. In these places, animals are routinely slashed in the legs with knives, gashed in the throat, and left to bleed to death, all while conscious, according to Mercy For Animals. This cruelty has been documented year after year, and this documentary hopes to educate the public about this abuse and end these horrifying practices.

Billions of live and sentient animals suffer each year as they are exported around the world in extremely dangerous and deadly conditions, with at least 5 million live animals in transit each day. These treacherous journeys often last several days, weeks, and even months as animals are transported from one country to another by air, land, or sea in unbearable conditions. Upon arrival to their final destination, usually in countries with little to no animal welfare legislation, those able to survive transportation are often only met with more suffering, brutality, inhumane slaughter, and even being used for sacrifices.

Original source: https://www.onegreenplanet.org