Tabitha Brown has made a name for herself as an actress and internet personality, now she will be the host of a vegan cooking competition.

With 4.9 million TikTok followers, Tabitha Brown is undisputably the face of vegan home cooking. The beloved social media star imparts an abundance of vegan food knowledge to her fans. From plant-based recipes to vegan hacks, Brown’s social media presence makes vegan cooking accessible and fun.

Now, Brown is slated to help Food Network usher in a new era of cooking shows. This Thursday, It’s CompliPlated will premiere on the Food Network, marking the first time the television network will air an exclusively vegan show in 28 years. Hosted by Brown, the new show will feature four chefs participating in three rounds of cooking challenges, where a panel of judges will rank the dishes. The twist? The panel will include judges with a wide variety of dietary preferences and not just those who are plant-based.

“From a taste of Southern hospitality using only plant-based ingredients and a comfort food gluten-free noodle dish to an Instagram-worthy dinner party without fruits or vegetables, these unique cooking battles showcase how to make delicious food under any circumstance,” the Food Network website’s description of the upcoming series states.

The Food Network show will give vegan chefs an opportunity to showcase how delicious and accessible vegan food can be, regardless of your dietary preference. The show will mirror Brown’s personal philosophy concerning vegan cooking. The viral chef strives to provide fans and viewers with healthy recipes that taste good to meat eaters and vegans alike.

“Becoming vegan changed my life and the way I cook – and I know folks can relate to the daily challenge of making the whole family happy with one meal, so we decided to make a game of it,” Brown said. “These chefs cook from the heart and their food is mind-blowing – viewers are sure to have a blast and be inspired for their next family dinner.”

The participating chefs will cater to several allergies in different challenges – what Brown describes as “impossible restrictions.” The cooking show is set to become the most allergen-friendly cooking show on the air.

It’s CompliPlated reflects what it’s actually like to make a meal the whole family will love – it’s not easy to make one dish for everyone and this series makes it fun,” President of Home & Food Content and Streaming, Warner Bros. Discovery Jane Latman said. “Tabitha Brown’s energy, sense of humor, and real-life journey to becoming vegan make her the perfect host to take us on this adventure.”

Tabitha Brown’s vegan ventures

Brown’s energizing social media presence, her Target collection, and her dedication to plant-based cooking make her the smart choice for the Food Network’s first vegan show. Joining the Food Network is not Brown’s first enterprise outside of social media. Last October, Brown helped Chicago’s Kale My Name open its first offshoot restaurant in Los Angeles County. The brand’s first satellite location is in Encino, California – 20 miles from Los Angeles.

Last June, Tabitha also teamed up with McCormick to develop her signature Sunshine spice blend. The Caribbean-inspired, salt-free spice blend has been developed to add flavor to a wide selection of recipes. The Sunshine spice is flavored with garlic, allspice, turmeric, cayenne, mango, thyme, and pineapple.

The rise of plant-based cooking competitions

With 9.7 million Americans following a vegan diet, more consumers are looking for plant-based media. Cooking competitions such as Hell’s Kitchen and Beat Bobby Flay have featured vegan chefs for the first time over the last year. Chef Tamearra Dyson even beat Bobby Flay in his own kitchen.

This July, The Great Food Truck Race hosted its “Hottest Season Ever” with a vegan contestant. Los Angeles’ beloved food truck Senoerata managed to win the $50,000 prize by impressing the judges with its plant-based Cuban cuisine.

Original source: https://thebeet.com