Chef Gordon Ramsey was notorious for disliking vegan food, but the well-known food expert has finally admitted that he has come to love it.

Fiery chef Gordon Ramsay has been famously anti-veggie in the past, even once joking that he was ‘allergic’ to vegans. But in recent years, his stance has softened, and he has started to embrace meat-free dining.

Now in a bolder statement, the Michelin-starred chef has revealed a secret he described as ‘so big he [was] almost afraid to say it on national television’. In a recent episode of US Masterchef: Back to Win, Gordon admitted to contestants that he ‘actually really loves vegan food’.

Making the comments while introducing the contestants to a new segment, in which they had to prepare a vegan dish, he said he had a ‘culinary secret’. Gordon added: “It’s a secret that’s so big, I’m almost afraid to say it on national television.”

Judge Aaron Sanchez joked about the admission, telling Gordon he can open up, and that he is in a ‘safe space’. This prompted the Brit chef to say: “After all these years, I can finally admit, that I actually love vegan food.”


Gordon Ramsay and vegan food

Gordon’s recent public admission is not the first time he has opened up about his views on plant-based cooking. While he once used to battle with vegans on Twitter, in recent years he has changed his approach.

In 2018, he started adding more animal-free options to his restaurant menus, explaining: “From a restaurateur’s point of view, I could see a more creative demand for it. So it keeps chefs on their toes.” Then, in 2021, he partnered major US plant-based milk brand Silk, to promote the brand’s G.O.A.T campaign alongside celebrities Alicia Silverstone, Aubrey Fisher and Gabi Butler.

In a social media post promoting the campaign, Gordon wrote: “It took my kids getting on me, but now I really enjoy cooking more plant-based dishes at home and in my restaurants. “Let me tell you, I know greatness when I taste it, and I am loving Silk Oatmilk for both sweet and savoury recipes.”

Original source: https://www.veganfoodandliving.com