Actor Joaquin Phoenix was one of the protestors who helped to get the Farmer John Slaughterhouse shut down.

Award-winning actor Joaquin Phoenix recently commented on the closing of Farmer John Slaughterhouse in LA where he regularly attends vigils with other animal rights activists. Five nights of events will be held at Farmer John beginning January 29- February 2, awaiting the closure of the slaughterhouse.

From the set of Joker: Folie Á Deux, Phoenix said, “The closure of the Farmer John slaughterhouse is the end of a chapter in a book that is still being written, a book in which we continue to advocate for the liberation of all animals who suffer in these oppressive systems.

“I am thankful to L.A. Animal Save and everyone in this community who has shown these animals the only kindness and respect they have ever known. You have taken the pain of bearing witness, and turned it into effective, peaceful, diplomatic advocacy for animals.

“Although it saddens me that I can’t be there at this time, it’s been my privilege to stand alongside these activists, and it’s our duty to continue this fight.”

In 2020, after winning the SAG award for Joker Phoenix historically went directly to Farmer John, still in his tuxedo, so that he did not miss the regular Sunday night vigil.

As the Smithfield’s Farmer John slaughterhouse finally prepares to close, the L.A. animal activist community will hold five consecutive nights of events outside its gates, concluding with a 12-hour vigil. There will be speakers, activities, and food nightly from Sunday January 29 until the line stops and the last pig is slaughtered. Speakers include Moby, actors Greg Cipes (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), Tiffany Lonsdale (Siren) and Danielle MacDonald (Bird Box).

For years, these amazing animal rights activists have protested at Farmer John, held vigils, handed out food to workers, befriended sympathetic LAPD officers on crowd control, and practiced the peaceful act of “bearing witness.” Activists have begun to sign a petition asking Smithfield to save the pig
There is no such thing as ethical meat, and there is no way of knowing how the animals have been treated before they reach your plate. The most ethical option is to ditch meat as well as other animal products entirely and go vegan.

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