This Michelin star restaurant and its celebrity chef, Marco Pierre White, are now more serving up even more delicious plant-based options.

Renowned chef Marco Pierre White has added multiple vegan menu items to his Steakhouse Bar & Grill restaurant in Plymouth in the UK. It has been reported that plant-based diners can choose from “four starters, four main courses, and four desserts.” White increased the choices available to meat-free eaters who didn’t find anything suitable on the à la carte menu.

Two of the main courses will feature a beef alternative made by Israeli plant-based meat manufacturer Redefine Meat. The former Michelin-starred chef (he gave his three stars back in 1999) was won over by its hyperrealistic 3D-printed vegan steaks in 2022. He credits it as being the most realistic and “clever” plant-based meat he has ever sampled.

“The world needs to eat less meat, but the reality is that until now plant-based meat products have fallen way short in terms of the quality and versatility required for our menus,” White said last year. “Redefine Meat’s products expands the plant-based industry beyond minced meat products to whole muscle cuts while giving you all the sustainability and health benefits of plant-based without the compromise on taste and texture.”

What can vegans eat at Marco Pierre White’s Steakhouse & Grill?

Starters include hearty tomato soup with focaccia bread croutons, zucchini fritters, and crostini. Meanwhile, mains cover the full gamut of “beef” ragu, steak and a traditional cassoulet. For dessert, sorbet, crumble, and rice pudding are included on the menu. There is also scope for extra ice cream and fruit side orders.

Despite being a controversial figure in the professional cooking sphere, White has maintained an open mind about catering for vegans. He reportedly even tried eating a plant-based diet for nine months himself. At the time, he claimed to have lost a lot of weight in the process and to have enjoyed it.

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