Moby will be releasing a documentary along with a song called ‘Rescue Me’ to shine the spotlight on the fashion industry’s treatment of animals.

Moby has long campaigned against animal cruelty in the food and fashion industries, and the multiple Grammy-nominated artist has reinforced his commitment to the cause with new track Rescue Me, which is featured in a new documentary, Slay.

The documentary, from the makers of Cowspiracy and What The Health, examines the ongoing use of animal skins – leather, fur, and wool – within the fashion industry.

Slay, which was launched in September on the WaterBear streaming platform, was produced over the course of three years by filmmaker Rebecca Cappelli. It brings together a host of industry experts and campaigners, including TV personality and influencer Lucy Watson, Founding Director of Collective Fashion Justice Emma Håkansson, CEO of Red Carpet Green Dress Samata Pattinson, Fashion Journalist and Sustainability Activist Bandana Tewari, and vegan educator and author Ed Winters (aka Earthling Ed). Filming took place in Australia, Brazil, China, India, France, Italy and the US.

“One of my goals is to use whatever resources I have to end the use of animals for food and fashion,” Moby said in a statement. “It makes me incredibly happy to be able to use ‘Rescue Me’ to draw attention to Rebecca Cappelli’s remarkable film, Slay.”

The New York native has been vegan for 35 years, and is a dedicated animal rights activist. You can watch the video for Rescue Me below. WARNING: it contains some images that viewers might find unsettling.


The documentary seeks to highlight the extent of greenwashing in the fashion industry, debunking myths about animal skins being a sustainable material.

“The suffering of animals in the fashion industry is greenwashed into oblivion while those skin industries are destroying the planet and harming people,” commented director Rebecca Cappelli. “Slay aims to challenge the notion that animal skins are a fabric, and open people’s eyes to the dark realities behind some of the most sought-after skins in fashion.”

Moby launched a new label, ‘Always Centered at Night’, earlier this year, which seeks to champion underground artists.

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