Animal rights organisation, PETA, has launched a competition to find suitable and sustainable vegan wool alternatives.

PETA has launched a $1M competition to end cruelty and to finally find a vegan wool alternative. The competition will give prize money to the first person or company to develop a material that resembles sheep wool in texture, function, and appearance and has a major clothing brand invest in the material.

“From flowers and fruit to hemp and soya beans, options are limitless when it comes to creating animal-free clothing and accessories,” said Peta’s vice president for Europe, Mimi Bekhechi. “Peta is delighted to foster innovation that will help protect animals and halt the environmental destruction caused by animal agriculture.”


There are existing vegan wool alternatives on the market that are made from things like bamboo and Tencel. PETA wants to increase the market and make even more alternatives to finally move away from the cruel wool industry. Not only is wool a huge concern for animal welfare, but it is also horrible for the environment. A recent report by the Pulse Report found that wool was the fourth worst material for the environment.

PETA says that the winning entry of the Vegan Wool Challenge Award needs to be a biomaterial, one that is biodegradable or recyclable. Those wishing to enter have until July 2023 to submit a fabric sample and production plan. The winner will be encouraged to partner with  “at least one of the top 10 global clothing retail brands” to produce and sell items made from their material in the US by January 2024. Any individual or company with annual revenue under $30m can enter.

To enter, read the complete challenge rules and then complete the form on PETA’s website. It is amazing that PETA is holding this competition! We hope that a new environmentally friendly vegan alternative will enter the market in the next few years.

Much like our food, it’s easy for many to forget where their clothes come from. Animals are far too often exploited and misused in the fashion industry. When fashion kills, it’s time for us to begin educating ourselves and the public about how animals are exploited in the fashion industry and what we can do to change the horrifying realities. There are so many great alternatives to all of these materials that don’t require anyone to lose their life. Check out apple leather, pineapple leather,  mushroom leather, fur alternatives, and lab-grown leather.

Many companies have either stopped selling or are committed to phasing out the use of animal skins and furs in their products. Kering Group has begun investing in lab-grown cow-free leather, Moda Operandi banned fur and exotic skins thanks to a PETA letter, and Armani announced they will ban Angora wool. Check out these 10 brands that have dropped fur, wool, and exotic skins in the past year.

Original source: https://www.onegreenplanet.org