Plant based Novak Djokovic has now won 23 Grand Slams and he just gets better and better! Not bad for a vegan!

Plant based Novak Djokovic staked his claim to be the GOAT! By winning the French Open title and making it look easy, he has made history by beating his opponent Casper Ruud in 3 sets. He has now won 23 Grand Slams and he just gets better and better! Not bad for a vegan!

‘Now I want to win Wimbledon. Before that I am going to celebrate with my team and family. I am very motivated to continue to make history. I am not finished in my career,’ the Serb said.

He dispatched Ruud in an imperious manner and is well on his way to level with Serena Williams, few would bet against him equalling Margaret Court’s total of 24 once Wimbledon is done.

He simply proves that at that stratospheric level, he is virtually unbeatable. And all the nonsense of vegans being weak and pasty faced can be settled once and for all – vegans can be at the top of their game!

The 36-year-old has long left Nadal and Federer trailing in his wake, and is halfway to doing the calendar Grand Slam with his ban from the US for remaining unvaccinated no longer standing in his path. Since being thrown out of Australia 18 months ago he has won three of his four majors played.

Undoubtedly, the defining feature of his continuing success has been an incredible capacity to deliver his best tennis when he most needs to, locking in to demoralise his opponents. The astonishing statistic which attaches itself to this title is his performance in the tiebreaks, which now sees him as the most deadly shootout practitioner of all time. He simply pounds his opponents into the ground without making any errors.

Now Wimbledon awaits him and hopefully he will receive a great deal of support from his fellow plant-based fans!