According to a recent study by scientists of the Southampton University in England, vegans and vegetarians have a higher IQ than meat eaters.

It’s official: vegans and vegetarians are more intelligent than meat eaters says a recent study made by scientists of the Southampton University in England. According to the results, people who were vegans or vegetarians by the age of 30 had a higher IQ than meat eaters.

The initial IQ tests were completed in the 1970s and the results of the today’s studies showed that the children with a higher IQ were more likely to become vegans or vegetarians as adults.

The researchers on this study tracked over 8,000 volunteers for almost 20 years, and around 45% of them came out to be vegetarians or vegans at the age of 30. They were also the smartest ones among those 8,000. However, that doesn’t mean that someone with a lower IQ can’t lead a healthy lifestyle and stop eating animals. Everyone can do it but not everyone wants to. And that’s the main problem with our society. We all know that killing animals for our own needs is bad, however, most of us ignore it in order to feel better about ourselves. Some even don’t care which is worse because that shows how cruelty became one of the people’s main traits.

The study also showed that most of the vegans and vegetarians gained degrees and got high-powered job unlike others who’s IQ was lower and they haven’t changed their diet and lifestyle.

Aside from showing that people who stopped eating meat and other animal products are more intelligent than meat eaters who refuse healthy diet and lifestyle, the study also showed that vegans and vegetarians were more likely to be female. This leads to the announcement of another important conclusion: females are smarter than males. Sorry guys. Go vegan.

If this isn’t enough to make you believe that vegans/vegetarians are more intelligent and far better people than meat-eaters, then maybe these 7 traits every vegan/vegetarian has will convince you and make you change your diet and lifestyle too.

  1. They are slimmer and healthier because they have a healthy diet. Once you become vegan or vegetarian, the extra pounds will simply disappear after a time and you will finally feel good in your own skin. No diets. No exercising (although it’s recommendable in order to keep your body active). Only healthy food and positive open mind are enough to make you lose weight.
  2. They have a smooth glowy skin. Thanks to their healthy diet, vegans/vegetarians have an improved circulation that results in a smooth and glowy acne-free skin.
  3. They are not prone to diseases. Especially cancer. Every disease comes from our diet and if we eat healthily, our body can’t turn against us and kill us. It makes perfect sense.
  4. They enjoy great sex more than meat-eaters. Eating plants and seeds increases our hormone level and libido. And that means great sex that vegans/vegetarians enjoy more than others.
  5. They deeply care about nature and animals. Nature is our mother and animals are our brothers and sisters. While meat eaters destroy nature, increase global poverty, worsen climate changes and kill their family (animals), vegans fight for nature’s revival and animal rights.
  6. They are compassionate. Vegans and vegetarians are the most compassionate people. They are aware that every life matters and that we all have the same rights on this earth. Their heart can’t stand cruelty or injustice, especially toward animals who are helpless and voiceless.
  7. They are happier and more open than meat-eaters. Vegans and vegetarians have a clear conscience and know they are doing everything they can to boost awareness. Knowing that they’re not like the others makes them happy and keeps them open-minded, unlike meat-eaters who refuse to face the truth by keeping their mind closes and fake happiness on a daily basis.

What’s your opinion on this subject? Do you agree or disagree that being a vegan/vegetarian means being more intelligent than meat eaters?

Original source: https://dreamhumanity.com