Online grocery delivery service, Modern Milkman, is offering a sustainably packaged plant-based milk and vegan groceries delivery service to its customers.

Modern Milkman is a sustainable grocery delivery service based in the UK, inspired by traditional local milkmen who deliver products in reusable glass bottles.

While many of the brand’s products contain dairy, it also offers a plant-based range, including gluten-free oat milk made entirely with British oats. The plant milk is delivered directly to consumers’ doors, packaged in either reusable and returnable glass bottles or home-compostable cartons.

Modern Milkman also offers a range of other sustainably packaged options suitable for vegans. These include cold-pressed fruit juices in returnable glass bottles, plastic-free fruit and veg, and vegan brownies in paper bags, among others.

“We believe it’s important that everyone can enjoy sustainably sourced and eco-conscious products, no matter their diet or lifestyle,” said Simon Mellin, CEO and founder at Modern Milkman.

Sustainably packaged plant milks

Plant-based milks generally take far fewer resources to produce than their dairy counterparts, but some companies are working to make them even more sustainable by improving their packaging. The UK’s Bradley Nook Farm has switched from farming animals to producing organic oat milk in reusable glass bottles, while Indian oat milk brand Bevry has also chosen glass bottles over cartons.

In the US, Miami-based JOI is pioneering plant milk concentrates sold in glass jars and compostable packages. A single 12-ounce pouch can make a gallon of plant-based milk, saving a huge amount of packaging compared to regular cartons. “Our core focus remains reducing packaging waste across all of JOI’s products, and to continuously improve our overall sustainability efforts,” said Hector Gutierrez, CEO of JOI.

Original source: https://vegconomist.com