Here are five ways that animal welfare organisation PETA works towards putting an end to experimentation on animals.

  1. Victory! After hearing from more than 50,000 PETA supporters, the Taiwan Food and Drug Administration finalized a regulation that removes animal testing recommendations for companies that want to make dental health marketing claims about their food and beverage products.
  2. Oscar-nominated composer Carter Burwell has joined our push to end deprivation experiments on infant monkeys at his alma mater Harvard University—and our supporters turned up the heat on the school’s president even more with a protest near his office.
  3. We’ve created a firestorm over the U.S. military’s awful tests on animals in attempts to simulate Havana syndrome. Plus, we’re demanding that the Army immediately reinstate its ban on weapon-wounding experiments on animals that date back to before the Reagan era.
  4. We’re challenging Oregon Health & Science University—which is already plagued by secrecy, cruelty, and incompetence in school laboratories and at the associated Oregon National Primate Research Center—to stop mutilating pigs in obstetrics and gynecology training drills.
  5. PETA neuroscientist Dr. Katherine Roe demystified monkey tests and touted better research methods as she participated in interviews with a Massachusetts radio host (who spotted our recent ad in The Boston Globe), the producers of the Sentientism podcast, and the online Reddit community (along with fellow PETA expert Dr. Emily Trunnell).

Original source: https://prime.peta.org