Clever Oatly billboard campaign targets the dairy industry for hiding their climate footprint data from consumers.

According to Oatly, a lifecycle assessment carried out by the brand revealed its Barista Edition milk has a lower impact on the environment when compared to cow’s milk by anywhere between 44-76%.

By 2029, Oatly aims to reduce its climate footprint per liter of milk by 70% and all production facilities will meet “future factory” criteria, putting sustainable and efficient practices at the forefront of their initiatives.

The brand recently created a blog post where it is transparent about its own failings in everything from sustainability to PR.

To highlight the work the brand is doing to lower its carbon footprint on several products in the US, it has launched ads appearing in the New York Times, LA Times, Washington Post and on billboards in Times Square and Hollywood. However, next to each Oatly ad will be a blank space, reserved for the dairy industry.

To redeem the free advertising, dairy brands need only visit a dedicated microsite, answer the same questions Oatly did to receive their climate certification and the brand will cover the cost of the ad slot.

It launches at a time when, despite Gen Z largely gravitating away from dairy, many brands are opting to shut down their plant-based ranges.

Original source: https://www.thedrum.com