Animal activist Pamela Anderson is releasing a vegan cookbook. I Love You: Recipes From The Heart will be a “lifestyle cookbook” of “updated, plant-based family recipes”.

The book started life as a housewarming gift from Anderson to her sons, but became “a project that encapsulates” all the family’s “favourite things.”

The recipe book follows the announcement in 2023 that Anderson would host a new plant-based cooking show, Pamela’s Cooking With Love. On it, influential chefs will join her to cook vegan meals in her childhood home on Vancouver Island, where she now lives. It will premiere this year on the Food Network Canada.

Dreams realised

Anderson has long harboured ambitions to share vegan cooking and recipes with the world. She told the Food Network that she first pitched it the idea of a plant-based cooking show thirty years ago. But back then they didn’t think anyone would watch it.

“This has always been my dream to have a cooking show. Always, always, always,” she said. “I’ve been an activist for a very long time. I’ve always fought for animal rights, human rights, vulnerable people, vulnerable beings and nature and climate change,” she went on. “So I don’t really even want to say the word ‘vegan’ when it comes to the show. We’re just celebrating vegetables. This is just how we eat.”

She said the same for her new cookbook. “I’m writing a cookbook and I’m not saying the word vegan in it because I don’t want to be stuck on the part of the shelf with the vegan cookbooks. I want access for all!” She said she wants to celebrate “plants, my garden, being self-sustainable… vegetables and eating really healthy, but not boring!”

It’s thought that Anderson is mostly plant-based, rather than vegan. In an interview with the Guardian in 2018, she admitted that doesn’t adhere entirely to the lifestyle. At the time she lived in France, where she ate croissants. “I do the best I can, but I’m not a dictator,” she said. “It’s a radical choice to be vegan, so I’m not so strict.”

A lifelong activist

Anderson is well-known for her animal activism, having first posed in a PETA campaign 27 years ago. Her campaigning over the years has had a real impact, with Kim Kardashian and Melania Trump reportedly having stopped wearing fur because of her. Fashion brand Prada also ditched fur after Anderson wrote to it about it on behalf of PETA.

In 2022, Anderson collaborated with French fashion house Ashoka Paris to create a new line of cruelty-free vegan handbags made from apple skin leather. The leather is a revolutionary biodegradable material crafted from the cores and skins of apples discarded by the food industry.

Original source: https://plantbasednews.org

Pamela Anderson to launch plant-based cooking show